In the context of its engineering business INDRA manages a department which focuses technical feedback.


Re-source Engineering Solutions has supported ELV sector professionals for about ten years.
More than 1000 French and European ELV centres have already called on its services to advise them, train and/or set up efficient, flexible, productive equipment or processes (3 hours spent on each vehicle processed), which adhere to each country's regulations.
These processes are also suitable for dealing with, securing and processing the new technologies that have appeared over the last few years (especially electric and hybrid vehicles).

Re-source Engineering Solutions offers a complete range of tools and equipment that meet the needs of the various players in vehicle dismantling, suitable for all production capacities and all socio-economic and regulatory environments.

We offer and implement “turnkey” units for dismantling and recycling wheeled vehicles, from feasibility studies to installation, process start-up and operator training.
Such ELV dismantling and recycling solutions have been implemented not only in France but also in several European countries such as:
  • Amarante - Portugal (5500 ELVs per year and per team)
  • Spanish Basque Country (3300 ELVs per year and per team)
  • Lausanne – Switzerland (more than 6000 ELVs per year and per team)


A permanent commitment to projects on a national or European scale, which aim to industrialise the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) sector and develop the circular economy,
15 years of research,                                                                 
15 years of innovation,
15 years of realisations.