Number of vehicles recycled by INDRA since 1985

10 million vehicles reach end-of-life in Europe each year.
Since 2015 European objectives require the recovery of 95% of their mass.
The INDRA network achieved 94.2% in 2019

Auto recycling

the reference since 1985

INDRA is an automotive recycler and a forerunner in the trade. It provides a global offer which covers the full 360 degrees of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) sector.
This positions it as a major player in the sector.

It is at the forefront of technology and committed to high quality recycling. The company and its French network of 370 authorised centres now exceed the waste recovery rates required by a European Directive concerning the Environmental Code (set at 95%).
INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING, which favours the circular economy, put the “PRECIS” platform on-line in 2013. This is an on-line service for pooling stocks of second-hand spare parts, enabling them to be marketed and made

available to professionals (body shops and repairers).
To encourage recycling and waste recovery from end-of-life vehicles,
INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING has also created the website,, to put individuals in touch with the authorised ELV centres in its network. The GBC network guarantees individuals that their cars will be recycled in accordance with the environmental standards in force. 

Goodbye Car

Goodbye Car

A service devoted to individuals to get rid of their old cars throughout France.

The INDRA network

The INDRA network

The 370 authorised centres in France achieve on average a 94.2% rate of recyclability for the vehicle mass (source Ademe).

Product catalogue

Materials, equipment and processes suitable for dismantling centres whatever their size and the volumes processed.

Global management of the cycle

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